Top 5 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill in Maryland

For most of us, saving money means weeding our household budgets to remove items we don’t fundamentally need. It’s easy to identify the luxuries, but what about necessities like electricity? We find ourselves wanting to reduce our utility bill, but what if electricity weren’t quite the necessity we’ve grown up believing that it was?

More and more Americans are turning to solar energy as an alternative, but an equal number are trapped by a belief that going solar is expensive or inconvenient. The truth is that making the switch to solar energy can lower your electric bill, and the choice makes more sense than you might think.

If you’re still researching the benefits of solar energy, but haven’t yet abandoned traditional utilities, try these tips for lowering your electric bill while you’re gathering the facts.

Consider an energy audit

Looking for a lower utility bill? Start by understanding how much energy your home is losing. If you’re already conscientious about electricity use, take a closer look at potential problem areas. Check windows and doors for seals that may need replacement, and revisit that drafty attic or crawlspace.

Treat electricity like money

You wouldn’t write a check for no reason, so why would you pay for energy you’re not using? Think twice about being too indulgent about climate control. If you’re chilly, find your favorite pair of socks. If you’re warm, shed a layer of clothing.

Unplug devices when they’re not in use

Most of us are schooled in tips as basic as turning off lights in an unoccupied room, but it’s harder to remember that even idle devices can still use energy. Unplugging devices such as mobile phone chargers may seem like taking baby steps, but when taken consistently, baby steps count toward a lower electric bill.

Give electricity use the time of day

Pay attention to when you’re washing a load of laundry or starting the dishwasher. If your home is cooled or heated by electricity, avoid performing these tasks during times of extreme temperatures.

Let the sun help reduce your utility bill

The sun works to your advantage, especially in winter. Open blinds during the day to maximize its warming effects. The sun can work equally well in summer; if you’re considering building an outdoor swimming pool or whirlpool, choose a location that receives plenty of rays.

Thinking about switching? Maryland solar energy can also be used in tandem with classic electricity, lowering the cost of the latter.

The resources in our wallets won’t spontaneously regenerate, but the sun is the most renewable resource any of us has. And unlike energy rates, that’s not likely to change in our lifetimes. No other resource is as readily available or as easy to use. For those of us who want to lower that utility bill while making a positive impact on the environment, the choice to go solar is as basic as the sun.

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