Why has Maryland become a leader in solar in the US?

The United States is experiencing an economic slump and energy costs are rising higher at an alarming rate. Electricity rates continue to go up. As a commodity that is part of supply and demand, energy companies continue to raise prices to meet demand and make up for the struggling economy. The more energy that the population uses, the higher the prices will go. Maryland is taking the lead in breaking dependency on electricity through the use of solar power as an economical alternative. Maryland solar power is the wave of the future and one that should have the other states taking notice.

Maryland solar energy is employing the latest technology and advances in MD solar systems. Harnessing solar radiation is the sensible choice, protecting the environment and leading the way in saving the state and its residents a good deal of money. When people use regular electricity and forms of gas for energy production, several tons of carbon dioxide are displaced yet that could end with the use of solar power. MD solar power is a pure, natural alternative that will continue to be produced as long as the sun shines. MD solar systems employ the use of photovoltaic panels. The solar cells within these panels take the sun’s radiation and convert it into usable, electrical current. It is an alternate power source that is being employed by many nations around the world. Within the United States, solar power has been in use since the 1940’s but still is not widespread. Others would do well to follow in the footsteps of Maryland solar power production as well as other options such as wind power. It is the sensible choice.

While there is the initial expense involved in converting to solar power, Maryland solar energy has shown dramatic savings for businesses and residential homes as well. There are numerous incentives on the state and federal level that encourage the transition to MD solar power. Between tax rebates and incentives, the expense of installation is reduced by over half. From that point forward, the cost of energy production is much less expensive than going through the traditional power company. A school that went solar is an excellent example proving the potential for savings. Not only has the school cut its costs, it is selling power back to the state.

Solar panels can be mounted to the roof of the home, on the sides of a building or on the ground in the area surrounding the location. As the sun’s radiation is captured through the use photovoltaic systems, energy is produced, making homeowners and business owners energy producers. In the same fashion that the school sold power back to the grid, the same can be said of others. In a widespread effort, a state like Maryland could actually begin to make money on its solar energy and make a profit from neighboring areas as well. Now is the time to follow Maryland’s lead in energy production through the use of natural solar energy.

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